Monthly Blog Income Report: September 2017 (My First Report!)

Finally, I have decided to share my blog income report for my journey site – Building Adsense Niche Site from Scratch: A Case Study – And you will be surprised how much I am making from it via adsense (for now). Remember, this website is less than 3 months old and it will continue to grow.

Why Am I sharing my Income Report?

September 2017 Blog Income Report

Well, I am a big fan of bloggers who share their income with the world. That has personally helped me to understand how the system works. It inspired me to continue blogging even when I have not seen any $$$. Hopefully, with my income report. I believed it will inspired someone out there to take that first step and build a site.

About the Site

I started a case study after seeing a successful website that was flipped on, after doing my keyword research and decided that I could build a much better site. I dived into it and 3 months later. The site has earned its first $. It might not be much now. But it is a start.

Blog Income Report for September 2017

Lets get to the numbers.

Blog Income Report for September 2017Yes! For the month of September, 2017. The site made $11 😛 and the next plan is to push the site earning to $100 in the next few months. I know this can be done. It will just take a little time. For the lifetime of the website (from July to September 2017), the site has made a total of $16.03.

If you want to start your own blog and be making passive income online. Then you just need to follow this 4 steps.

How to start a niche site

  1. Keyword Research. Go find that KW that will be easy to rank and at the same time profitable. (I will start offering this service in the near future. I love doing KW research. There are lots of gems out there that are still begging to be utilized)
  2. Domain & Hosting. When you are done with the first step above. Go get that brandable domain and hosting. (You can buy your domain from namecheap and hosting from bluehost. You can’t go wrong with this two)
  3. It is time to start writing. If you have the funds, you can outsource the content writing. But to cut costs. It is better you start writing.
  4. SEO – Search Engine Optimization. Gaining links from authority websites is one way to push your site to the 10 of google!

I hope you enjoyed my September 2017 income report, you might want to read my site income report for October 2017.  It is Live!

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