How to Rank a Website Without Backlinks – A Complete Guide

The reason you are reading this article is to find out if it is possible to rank a site without building backlink, and if your question is; How to rank a website without backlinks, you are on the right page. Today, I will try to outline everything you need to know about building a micro/authority site without bordering about link building.

How important are backlinks in 2017? Before we get to the question of importance of back links in 2017, let us make this clear. Although it is possible to rank a site on google search without building any links. This might not be the case for all niche. Imagine trying to rank for this Keyword(s): Make Money Online or Payday loan without investing heavily on quality links. Nonetheless, here are a few tips on ways to rank a website without using backlinks.

How to Rank a Website Without Backlinks

How to Rank a Website Without Backlinks - A Complete Guide

There are numerous ways to attempt to rank a site without link building, in this article, i present you some of the very working tips to dominate your niche without building links.

(1) Find Zero Competitive Keywords: When doing Keyword research, you might be lucky to find a keyword with zero competition. And if it has 400+ search per month, then you have just found a golden niche. If the Keyword is brand-able or short, you can use opt fr exact match domain (EMD) and then add some quality articles that are well optimized for the particular term. I can tell you, you will be on the top 10 to 20 google search within 1 to 3 months. Unfortunately, coming across sure weak keywords is very rare. If you find such keyword. Don’t give up on them.
Related: I started an adsense niche site case study recently, and the reason for that is because I found a weak (Although not so weak Keywords) while browsing the archive of flippa. You can follow me to see how I will be building a niche site from scratch.

Content is King: You might have heard this line a thousand times, but I am going to shock you again. Content is KING! (Some say, SEO link building is Queen, but that is not our focus for today). There are lots of websites out there, some with good content. But if you want to dominate your niche. You need to come up with outstanding content with lots of resources, make sure your site stands out from others. Optimize your article with H1, H2, H3 etc.

Find That Weak Keyword in Your Niche: Still on low competitive keywords; if you are in a competitive niche and instead of waiting for months to years before ranking. You can explore your market to find a KW that has 400+ monthly search and that is easy to rank. Optimize your site around this keyword and start making money from it until you rank for your primary keywords.

I did build a site around a keyword that has a monthly search of 130k (130,000) and after 7 months of waiting to hit the first page. I decided to re-optimize my site and target long-tail keywords that has 400 to 4,000 monthly search. You won’t believe it. I was on the top 5 of google search within a month for lots of keywords! Lesson learnt; never put your site on one KW.

Country Extension TLD: If you want to target say, United Kingdom, then a site with the extension of This will give you more edge over your competitors and help you rank faster for that targeted country.

Expired Domain Name: Now, this is for those who know how to go about finding expired domain names that has quality backlinks and has not been spammed. Is expired domain name good idea to start a website on? Yes! In fact, with such domain, you will not bother about doing any link building and some still gain traffic to this day. If you are lucky to snap a brand-able old domain name. Then, by all means, use it to build that website today.

Summary: Start Ranking on Google without spending $$$ for Backlinks

  • Find that low long-tail keyword with zero competition.
  • Go with great content and onpage optimization
  • Your website content can start from 400 words to 5000 words (The longer the better)
  • Don’t over optimize your website, you might end up tanking instead of ranking.

Thank you.

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