Monthly Blog Income Report for October 2017 [Adsense Site Case Study]

My blog income report for October 2017 is ready. And if you have been following my Adsense niche site case study. You will know how we got started and how far we have grown. For those who are reading this for the very first time, I urged you to go read the case study to see how easy it is to make money from the internet via adsense or amazon affiliate program. (Honestly, there are tone of ways to earn money from your blog)

Okay. Why do I share my Income Report?

Monthly Blog Income Report for October 2017

If you are new to the internet, you will be surprised that people are sharing their monthly income earning openly. There are many advantage and disadvantage to it. But we won’t delve into that for now. To summon it up, one of the advantage is to let Newbies know that the internet marketing is for real.

So, Why do I share mine? I started this as a case study. Therefore, I need to keep everyone reading this updated. Also, I am a bigger fan of bloggers who share their report. This inspire me always. One day, I will write a comprehensive article on bloggers I read their income report monthly. Also, if my earning inspire you to start your own website, then it is a win.

Here is my September 2017 income report for the adsense case study site.

October 2017 Blog Income Report

We are progressing, September report was $11.14, and we saw over 100% increase! See the screenshot below;

october 2017 income report

What I did for the site.

After the initial articles added, I have done absolutely nothing for about 3 months. So I decided to add 4,000 words articles split into 5. That bring the total amount of words on the site to 14k or so. I won’t be doing anything again for a month or two. Next step is to get some authority links to make the site stable on the top 3 for majority of its keywords.

You too can start a website today! All you need is to get a Keyword that is profitable and at the same time, easy to rank. Purchase a brandable (or EMD, PMD) domain name as well as hosting. You are set to go.

Looking forward to November 2017 Income report. And I hope we will be able to cross the $50 mark.

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