Amazon Niche Site Case Study – Building a $1,000 Per Month Site From Scratch

I am using this website ( to show you how to make money from the internet. And one of the many ways to earn online is via blogging. If blogging is not your thing, then you will need to find something else. There are over 50 Legit ways to make cash from the comfort of your home. For those who love affiliate marketing, then I welcome you to follow me as I start this Amazon niche site case study website.

I will show you how we can build an amazon affiliate niche site from scratch and be making $500 to $1000 per month within 6 to 12 months. This is a long term project, and requires initial capitals to kick it up the ground. Not only will I show you the steps I am taking to achieve this. I will also share the amount I invested in it. So you will have a rough idea on what to do when you decided to start one.

Amazon Niche Site Case Study - Building a $1,000 Per Month Site From Scratch

Getting Started – Amazon Niche Site Case Study Plan

It is important to know that Keyword Research is very tantamount to our success. The mistakes a lot of Newbies makes is they go for Keywords that might be too difficult (or somehow impossible) to rank for within the shortest period of time. Trust me, a newbie who is just starting his or her first website is looking to rank it within 1 to 3 months and probably start earning within the first 3 months. If nothing changed within those waiting period. S/He might decide to ditch the website. But unfortunately, sometimes we might need to wait for 6 months to 12 months (Or more) before a site start making money.

Steps of Setting up a New Niche Website

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Domain Registration and Hosting
  3. Site Set-up, which includes Installing WordPress, Themes, WP Plugins, etc.
  4. Setting up Mandatory Pages (i.e. About us, Contact us, Earning Disclosure, etc)
  5. Content Publishing and Structuring
  6. Branding and Social Media Publishing
  7. Link Building

Keyword Research – Finding Amazon Buying Keywords

They method we use in looking for adsense keywords is different from amazon. You can target something like; ‘how to fix my fridge’ and expect to sell. The visitors are looking for solution on how to fix their gadget and not buy a new one. For amazon you want to go for; Best widget, Blue widget review, cheap widget review, etc.

Seed Keyword: There are different ways to come up with seed keywords, the ones I used the most is using authority sites or top 10 site lists. Another method is heading over to flippa and see what others are selling. But to make this works, you will need KWFinder and Semrush. (I will share this in a detailed post in the near future). With your seed keywords, you will get hidden gem that has little to no competitor targeting it.

For this case study. I came up with a product used by men almost everyday! And it is very important. The price range are from $20 to $100. So hitting up my Kwfinder tool, I came up with something that has little to no competiton. (I might be wrong, but we will find out after setting up the niche site).

Keyword Research - Finding Amazon Buying Keywords

From the image above, I am showing you how I did my keyword research, when you open KWFinder. choose United States and then English (Unless you want to target other countries and Language) this will make your keyword to be a little accurate. If you are targeting the United States or United Kingdom. You can’t just choose globally, if you do that, you might end up getting frustrated when you have spent money on content and SEO and start ranking on the first 3 position for your targeted Keywords only to find out that the Keyword has little search. A particular keyword global search might be 30,000 per month, and in the USA, it might just be 500/M. Don’t risk it.

And this is the Amazon Keyword I came up with;

Keyword Research - Finding Amazon Buying Keywords

[click to enlarge]

The primary Keyword has 1,200 monthly search and the Keyword difficulty/competition is 14. And wait, the top 10 websites ranking for this particular keyword has PA (Page Authority) of 1! And their Rank (SEO Difficulty Rank) is surprisingly low as well. When doing KW research, do not put all your eggs in one basket. For that reason, we will be looking for similar KWs and building a page different page for it.

Setting up the Website – Buying Domain and Hosting

The EMD is available, but I am going for a shorter version of it. The good thing is the shorter version of it still has 1.2k monthly search and the competition is 18. The .org is available and I will be buying and setting it up first week of August. (I might buy the domain today and start adding content around August 2017). As stated in my adense case study, I buy my domain names with namecheap and host it on bluehost.

22nd June, 2017: Domain name ordered at namecheap for $11.01 (For a .org domain it is 11.01 dollars after applying the 10% coupon code available every month)

Setting up the Website - Buying Domain and Hosting

I will update this post when I have finish setting up the site. The ultimate goal is to see if the site will be ranking and earning before December 2017.

Theme and Content

There are lots and lots of Amazon affiliate themes out there, to be honest with you. Any wordpress theme that is light weight and responsive will do well with amazon. I have used a lot of themes for my niche sites. So don’t worry too much about which theme to use when setting up your website.

Content: I am going to silo this website using pages all through. (Or use pages for the parent articles and posts for the child articles). The site homepage will be static and contain about 4k to 6k words targeting at least 5 to 10 long tail keywords. For the first month (August) I will publish 5 informational articles of 1000 words to 1500 words each including the homepage. 1000 words cost about $16. Of course, you can get it cheaper at freelancer sites like upwork, etc. But this writer has been working with me for sometime now. He is a pro when it comes to content writing.

The next update, I will share how I will be building links to this website. But looking at this keyword, I think I can implement my article – How to rank a website without building backlinks, this will work. But we might need some authority links to get to the top 10. More on this on the next update.

Adsense Niche Site Case Study 2017

Be sure to follow my adsense niche site case study as well. I am following the same procedure as with the amazon niche site study.


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