Adsense Niche Site Case Study 2019 (First Update)

I know making money online with adsense niche site is very possible. But we encountered challenges that sometimes hinders us from going forward with our plans. Today, I am starting an Adsense Niche Site Case study that will show you how I build my websites from scratch. Also, I will be sharing how much it cost to build the site.

Yes, I have been building websites from scratch for a long time now, and I am just starting this particular site ( to show you I do it and how you too can do it. Remember, building and ranking a website takes time. However, if you can find a Keyword that has little to no competition (I call it Zero competition KWs), you could be ranking and earning within 4 to 6 Months.

Adsense Niche Site Case Study 2017 (First Update)SETTING GOALS

I am setting 3 goals for this case study.

  1. Build the site before the end of July 2017 and publish at least 10,000 words
  2. Rank the site within July to November 2017 (4 months from today)
  3. Start making at least $200 to $500 per month from adsense.

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We are going to start from the beginning. If your plan is to make money online before the end of 2017. Then you need to start with me now. I will document everything I am going to do. From Keyword Research, to structuring of the website, to link building and more. Lets start from the basic.


You might be wondering, how do I get Idea on what niche to start? Well, there are hundreds of places where you can get ideas from. (I will cover this in another topic). I got mine from See, there are hundreds of websites sold on flippa every year. You can go there, review the sites and trust me, you will have more than enough ideas on what to write on. With this in your hand, you already have a SEED KEYWORD you can expand on.


Lets say you have your Seed Keyword, it is time to insert them on Keyword research tools like KWFinder. (That is my favorite tool for finding KWs). The essence of using KW research tools is to help you Find keywords that you can easily rank for. KWFinder is an easy to use tool and you will be surprised on how easy it is to get long-tail keywords to target.

But if you don’t have the funds to subscribe for KwFinder. You can use Google Keyword Planner which is 100% free, but you will not be able to know the competition of the KWs you entered.

For this case study, I saw a site that was sold on flippa early this year (2017). I was curious to know why a site making $300 was sold for over $31,500! And decided to do a quick Keyword research to see if it is possible to build a site on that keyword. And I was in for a surprise.

keyword ressearch

[click on the image to enlarge]

The primary Keyword the site is targeting has 18,152 monthly search per month and a keyword difficulty of 21. It looks easy. And the good thing is, there are plenty of longtail KWs to target too. We now have our Keyword, the next stage is to buy the domain and hosting.


I buy my domains from godaddy and namecheap. But there are other places where you can buy domain names. After the years, my favorite place for buying domain name is namecheap. The first year comes with free whois protection and an option to add SSL for $1.99 for the first year. So you are getting a lot of goodies for the price of $13 or less. (Make sure you look for a 10 percent namecheap discount).

When it comes to Hosting, Bluehost is my favorite. You can never go wrong with them. I have been hosting a lot of niche sites with them for years with no issue. The only time I had an issue was when one of my website was getting a lot of traffic. I have to move it to a VPS plan on another host.

When you have your domain and hosting ready, the next step is to install wordpress on it and pick a theme. That I will be doing in the next coming days.


We have our domain and hosting ready, the next step is to start adding content. But before then, we will need to come up with the topics. I am not a good writer, so I will hire Native writers from upwork to do the job. My offer is $16 per 1000 words. And for a start, we will need 4000 words for the homepage and 6×1000 words for the inner pages.

That is a total of 10,000 words which will amount to $160 for content. And the domain and hosting will cost $55 or so for 1 year. This bring the total to $205. But for those who want to write the content themselves, you you will be saving $160. And your initial cost will be $55 for just the hosting and domain name. However, if you have hosting already, good. You are just buying the domain for $11 to $13 (if you want to include SSL Certificate).

Note: So far, we have spent $160 + $11 for content and domain name. I have a hosting with bluehost already.


The first thing I do after publishing the content is send social signals to the homepage and inner pages. This could help the site to bypass the alleged 30 days google waiting period or sandbox. But from what I know and have read, if you build links too fast, you might encounter Google 30-day sandbox.

Sandboxing of New Sites is not new, it has been there for ages, if we do it right. We will not get into trouble with google. So for the next 30 days, I will do nothing. The only link building I will be doing is social signals.

Watch out for my next update on Linking Building

Update: Adsense niche site 2nd update – you will be surprised what I have achieved after 2 months of going live!

New Update: September 2017 Income Report Published! Go find out how much this website earned for the month of September.

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